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Some pics, none taken by me:

Choppy waters, Oxford, May 1972

Cold cherry soup, Diosd, Hungary, April 2003

On a bench, April 2005

Dunstable Downs, April 2005

Picking an apple in Bernard Shaw's garden, September 2005

Krakatoa, don't know when

Fishy Church (~market), Gothenburg, October 2006

Gambrinus (patron saint of brewing?), Lund, November 2006

Sunset from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, December 2006

Hong Kong harbour from Victoria Peak, December 2006

Goteborg, July 2007

Bruges/Brugge, July 2007

Bruges/Brugge, July 2007

Luton, August 2007

Arles, September 1888

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